NFT Marketplace

NFT Tradings

  • Traders can easily buy, sell, and trade character and cosmetic NFTs from integrated games of all genres available on Thetan World.

  • Frequent Trading events and Marketplace quests engage the marketplace community and promote NFT sales.

NFT Rentals

  • Players can easily rent NFTs to earn from play without major investment.

  • Rental system allows trying different character NFTs across a variety of games.

  • Investors with NFT portfolios can put assets up for rental income.

  • Promotion tools help investors approach users to rent their NFT offerings.

Portfolio Management Tool

  • Align investors with top gamers to play owned NFTs and win tournaments.

  • Recruit skilled gamers matched to investors’ in-demand assets.

  • Track performance of assets and player earnings in dashboard.

  • Data insights to inform investment decisions and maximize profits.

Trade on the Go

  • Mobile app enables quick transactions from anywhere.

  • User-friendly interface but still provide the same features to web version of marketplace.

  • Never miss time-sensitive trading and rental opportunities.

  • Top security and notifications for portfolio tracking.

*Stay tuned for further detailed updates

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